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Sidewalk Astronomy is Bendigo's favourite astronomy event and is held every month next to the Discovery Science and Technology Centre,
7 Railway Place (opposite Marketplace). Click here for a Google Map

Bring the family to see cool astro-stuff through our telescopes, our volunteers will give you a tour of the night sky.
Informative family entertainment, and all for a gold coin donation.
For more information contact: Brien Blackshaw, Ph 03 5447 7690, Email:


Friday, 15 March @ 7:30 pm
Crescent Moon, Jupiter, Orion Nebula, Alpha Centauri, Jewel Box cluster .
Weather update - 7:00 pm:

Friday 19 April @ 6:00pm
Waxing gibbous Moon, Jupiter (last view), Orion nebula, Jewel Box cluster, Alpha Centauri, Omega Centauri.
Weather update - 5:30pm:

Friday 17 May @ 5:30pm
A waxing gibbous Moon,  Southern Cross, Jewel Box cluster,  Alpha Centauri binary system.
Weather Update - 5:00pm:

Friday 14 June @ 5:30pm
1st Quarter Moon, Southern Cross objects (Jewel Box, Alpha Centauri, Alpha Crux), M4 Globular Cluster
Weather Update - 5:00pm:

Friday 12 July @ 5:30pm
Crescent Moon, Mercury (this Sidewalk only), Southern Cross objects, Jewel Box cluster, Alpha Centauri, M4 globular cluster
Weather Update - 5:00pm:

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