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ASV Shepparton

ASV Shepparton, established in February 2022, is a vibrant community of astronomy enthusiasts in the Shepparton Region. Our group is driven by the following goals:

  1. Unite People with an Interest in Astronomy: We bring together individuals in the Shepparton Region who share a fascination with the wonders of the cosmos.
  2. Foster Interest in Astronomy: Through engaging programs and projects, we cultivate and nurture interest in all branches and aspects of astronomy within the Shepparton Region.
  3. Empower Participation: We provide accessible pathways for young people and the general public to actively engage in astronomy.

Joining ASV Shepparton is simple. By becoming a member of the Astronomical Society of Victoria (ASV) through the ASV website, you automatically become a member of ASV Shepparton if you reside in the Shepparton Region. Membership grants you access to a range of benefits, including participation in Shepparton-specific events, access to the Shepparton telescope loan program, as well as statewide ASV events and facilities. We offer concessional membership options, and junior membership is currently free of charge.

For further information and inquiries, our dedicated team is here to assist you. Contact us via email at or through the provided phone contacts.

We typically gather on the second Wednesday of each month at the U3A Hall on Esson Street in Shepparton, coinciding with the ASV AstroTalk. Members have the flexibility to join these meetings either in person or via Zoom. Please note that some months we may organize special stargazing activities, in which case there will be no formal meeting.

ASV Shepparton invites you to be part of our growing community of astronomy enthusiasts. Together, let's explore the cosmos, broaden our knowledge, and enjoy the wonders of the night sky.

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