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ASV Heathcote

The township of Heathcote located in central Victoria and close by the ASV’s dark sky site near Lady’s Pass, provides the local population with an opportunity to view the night sky.

To make this possible, some sidewalk Astronomical viewing nights are organized for those with an interest. Currently a 12 inch reflecting telescope is used to show objects of interest and other phenomena, (eclipse’s, comets, etc) and followed by a short description of what they are seeing. 

Through the township’s social media, the viewing events are advertised for a Friday or Saturday evening making it easier for families to attend. Local schools and other groups who would like to have a viewing session can contact the ASV’s AFTP section and relay the details of the event. 

So far, the sidewalk viewing nights have been met with enjoyable wonder and interest and the prospects for this may grow in the future.

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