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Welcome to the ASV Instrument Making Section

This Section is one of the oldest in the Society, and could also be known as the 'Telescope Making Section'. Its prime purpose is to provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to any member who wishes to construct an instrument which is the equal of any commercial telescope of similar aperture.

This Section meets on the third Saturday afternoon of each month from 2 to 5 p.m. at the Society's Clubrooms.

The general structure of the meeting falls into several categories such as:

  • General discussion relating to telescope design and construction and exchange of ideas.
  • Discussion and practical demonstrations in the art of mirror making.

Membership comprises a nucleus of dedicated telescope makers and there is always a passing parade of those people who have successfully completed making an instrument, to the gratification of the Director and the Section.

As an enthusiastic astronomer, whether new to astronomy or a 'seasoned armchair' astronomer, the question of needing your own telescope for casual or serious observations arises. If the need is there, then you are urged to read on and become, with little effort on your part, a 'qualified' amateur telescope maker.

Whilst the construction of a telescope for astronomical observation may seem to be ambitious, any member can be comforted by the fact that a number of successful telescopes have been constructed in this Section over the years. A testament to the fact that the Section is still operational to this day is that instruments are still being successfully produced to the pride and joy of their owners.

Should you have the desire, time and energy to join our Section, the Director and experienced members have the enthusiasm to assist you in the production of your very own telescope, one you will be proud of.

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