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Welcome to the ASV New Astronomers Group

Meetings are open to all ASV members - no booking required

Where: Meetings are held on Zoom and in-person (when rooms are available)
The third Wednesday of each month from 7:30 to 10pm (except December due to its close proximity to Xmas)
Zoom link: Login to the ASV web-site with you membership credentials. Under the Member TAB look for Section Meeting Info page
The course is built on three main pillars:  Amateur Astronomy, the Science of Astronomy, the History of Astronomy

Meetings have been constructed as a 12month introductory course for new members. There is no start or end to the course which just keeps rolling through the subjects, you can join us anytime. I use the word "course" loosely as a volunteer organisation like the ASV cannot compete with the likes of a University.  Prior knowledge of Astronomy is not required. Members are encouraged to contribute to the sessions by sharing their astronomy experiences.

A 12month course that includes:
Rolling calendar of topics that covers the main areas of Astronomy... see the NAG Calendar page
Start your night sky journey with our "Novice" challenge to locate the 36 brightest stars & constellations they reside in
There is a growing number of "How To" articles like Binocular how to, Seeing in the Dark, A Jigsaw of Constellations
See the NAG Teaser page for a free sample

Discussion Group
Once you become an ASV member we do have a Discussion Group as a place to exchange questions & answers between meetings.

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Enquiries about the New Astronomers' should be sent to Ken:

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