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ASV Bendigo

Who Are We?

ASV Bendigo, formerly known as The Bendigo District Astronomical Section (BDAS), is a vibrant community of ASV members based in Bendigo and its surrounding areas. Our dedicated group consists of individuals with diverse interests in visual astronomy, astrophotography, and radio astronomy.

What Do We Offer?

We take pride in hosting a variety of exciting events throughout central Victoria, catering to both schools and the wider community. One of our popular offerings is the Astronomy for the People (AFTP) program, which includes engaging school star nights and captivating community star nights. These events provide opportunities for people of all ages to explore the night sky alongside our knowledgeable members, using our range of telescopes and binoculars.

Furthermore, we organise Sidewalk Astronomy sessions on a monthly basis, weather permitting. Families are invited to join us on Friday evenings to marvel at the moon and other celestial wonders, as our members guide them through the intricacies of the night sky.

Our involvement extends beyond observation and education. ASV Bendigo actively participates in ASV Net, a radio astronomy program, which airs on 3.541 MHz every Friday evening. Through this platform, we engage with fellow members from ASV's Radio Astronomy section, sharing our passion for the cosmos.

Collaboration is key to our community. We frequently join forces with other interest groups, such as Deep Sky, Astrophotography, and Radio Astronomy, to expand our knowledge and enhance our experiences. Additionally, our close proximity to the Leon Mow Dark Sky Site allows us to indulge in the breathtaking night sky and connect with members from Melbourne and various parts of Victoria.

When and Where Do We Gather?

We come together on the third Thursday of each month except January and December. Refer to the ASV calendar for details. Our meetings take place either in person in Bendigo or virtually via Zoom. As circumstances can change, we recommend reaching out to the Section Director  beforehand to confirm the meeting details.

Join Our Community!

ASV Bendigo warmly welcomes all ASV members residing in or visiting the Bendigo region. You don't need to own a telescope to participate—simply bring your curiosity and enthusiasm, and we will provide the guidance you need to embark on your astronomical journey. If you are in the region and would like to attend our meetings regularly, we encourage you to become a member of the ASV, granting you full access to our exciting activities and events.

Join us today and explore the wonders of the universe with ASV Bendigo!

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