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Welcome to the ASV Cosmology & Astrophysics Section

We usually meet on the 1st Wednesday each month from 8pm to 10:00pm in the Ellery Suite at Melbourne Observatory and on line using Zoom to discuss a Cosmology topic of the month, which includes a question and answer session around the table. (Topic is listed on Website week before meeting) 

  Members of all levels are welcome to attend and are encouraged to ask questions (if they wish).

Topics for discussion generally are chosen from the following:

The Origin & Evolution of the Universe (The Big Bang, The Early Universe, The Expansion of the Universe & The Density of Matter in the Universe)

Formation & Structure of - Stars, Solar Systems , Our Solar System, Kuiper Belt Objects & Oort Cloud, Galaxies, Black Holes & Neutron Stars, Quasars & Super-Novae

Is there life elsewhere in Universe? Extra-solar Planets, The Drake Equation, Possible Life in our Solar System, The Formation & Evolution of Life on Earth & Mass Extinctions (Cosmic Impacts)

The discussion topics are based on published Scientific & Astronomical articles, both magazine & digital sources.

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