LMRO Radiation

This page is displaying the output from two GM-45 units which are connected together and operating in "Coincidence Detector" mode. More information can be found here, Coincidence Detector and here, Blackcat Systems

This LINK is an Accumulated Chart spanning the last 3 Days of data collected by the Blackcat server.

The GM-45 is a Alpha / Beta / Gamma detector with a large pancake tube for higher sensitivity.

The Pierre Auger Observatory is a site worth visiting for latest research in Cosmic Ray detection.


The LMRO detectors were commissioned on the 3rd of September 2011. Below are just a few stations operating Radiation detectors

Australian Antarctic Division Cosmic Ray Real Time Data at IPS

The Reeve Observatory - Anchorage Alaska - Radiation GM-10 Readings

Watauga Skies Observatory - Texas - Radiation GM-45 Readings

Bedarieux, Herault Observatory - France - Radiation GM-45 Readings