LMRO eCallisto

The Compact Astronomical Low cost Low frequency Instrument for Spectroscopy and Transportable Observatory is a device that produces a Spectrograph covering a frequency range from 45MHz to 870MHz.

This is the World Wide Network running at the moment, e-Callisto Coverage of Solar Spectrometers

To View Recent Spectrograph information from the e-CALLISTO Network of Stations around the world including LMRO Australia click on today's date or for previous Spectrographs select an earlier date in the Calendar provided at the top of the webpage here Quick Look tables

Below is the current Spectrograph (just check the time line) being output from the e-Callisto Receiver, if blank give it a few minutes for the image to be updated. The Spectrograph only operates between the hours of Sunrise and Sunset.


World Map of Current e-CALLISTO Stations


For more information on Solar Flares check here - Classification of X-Ray Solar Flares