The Diurnals


Contributed by Pat Larkin

The DIURNALS is a friendly group which meets during the daytime on the third Tuesday of the month February - December


To provide an opportunity for meetings during the DAYTIME.

To disseminate knowledge on various facets of astronomy and related fields, together with Space Exploration, in an informal environment.

To foster enjoyment of the subject matter with kindred spirits, and to encourage newer members who may show an interest in a particular area.

There are no pre-requisites and you don't have to be a mathematics or physics genius! Just come with a desire to learn.  Most months, we have a guest speaker, and talks given cover a wide range of astronomical fields and space exploration. Occasionally, a film is shown followed by discussion if desired.   Two or three times a year, we will have an excursion to another facility, e.g., Swinburne University, Melbourne Planetarium or a Science  facility. 





VENUE:                     THE LODGE.  

TIME:                         10.30 a.m. - 12.15 p.m.


PRESENTER:            PERRY VLAHOS   -  ASV   

TOPIC:                       To be Advised. 


For 20th July Meeting,  and in accordance with Goverment regulations for meeting rooms,  intention to attend Diurnals 'face to face' at the Clubroom, will be capped at 20.  Attendees will also be expected to register their name and telephone number on form provided   OR   register by QR CODE.



     For ASV Members:            After accesing   ASV website with your Member No. and Password


                                         Click on              MEMBERS  at top of screen to bring up    MEMBERS AREA     window

                                         Click on             ZOOM MEETINGS         then                     ZOOM MEETINGS SCHEDULES  page will appear                                         

                                                                   Scroll down to                                             ZOOM INFO FOR SECTION MEETINGS

                                                                   Scroll down further to                                  DIURNALS                                                                 

                                                                   Click on                                                      Zoom Link under  JOIN ZOOM MEETING



       For enquiries:  Phone Pat Larkin on 0400 457 342 or      email: