Cosmology & Astrophysics

Contributed by Ross Berner        (last updated  10 February 2020)

 Cosmology & Astrophysics 101:

2 presentations will be held on Wednesday 22nd April 2020 & Wednesday 23rd September 2020 at ASV Lodge 

It will be a presentation on "Laws of Physics", starting will Classical (Kepler, Newton, etc. and working towards Einstein & Quatum Mechanics).

The notes from second presentation on 23 October 2019 can be downloaded:

Part 1 c (Types of Stars, Gravitational Waves)    Cosmology and Astro-Physics 101-Part 1 c

Part 1 d (Star Formation, Solar System)              Cosmology and Astro-Physics 101-Part 1 d

 The notes from first presentation on 24 July 2019 can be downloaded:

Part 1 a (Periodic Table, Structure of Atom & Nucleus)                                        Cosmology and Astro-Physics 101-Part 1 a

Part 1 b (Big Bang, Cosmic Microwave Background, First Stars & Supernova)   Cosmology and Astro-Physics 101-Part 1 b


Cosmology & Astrophysics Discussion Group:

We usually meet on the 1st Wednesday each month from 8pm to 10:00pm at the ASV Lodge to discuss a Cosmology topic of the month, which includes a question and answer session around the table. (Topic is listed on Website week before meeting) 

Members of all levels are welcome to attend and are encouraged to ask questions (if they wish).

Coming Meetings:

Topics for discussion generally are chosen from the following:

The discusion topics are based on published Scientific & Astronomical articles, both magazine & digital sources. They are descriptive in approach. No Formulas!

For more info contact: Ross Berner Phone: 0403 167 004 email:

Members can receive info on topic by email by sending me their email address (to the above address).

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