ASV Live Stream Event

Every month we live stream our Monthly Meetings. On this page you will find a Youtube Livestream.

ASV General Meetings

The next ASV Monthly meeting is Wednesday the 11th of March from 8pm to 10pm at Mueller Auditorium, National Herbarium, Birdwood Ave., Melbourne
Topic: To be announced.

Previous Meetings

February 12th 2020 - Prof Jeff Cooke from Swinburne University gave us a talk on Chasing The Fastest Burts in the Universe. Perry gave us an interesting tour of some remarkable objects in the sky.
January 11th 2020 - Prof John Lattanzio from Monash University presented a talk on The Most Important Lessons from Apollo 11. Perry presented Sky for the Night and two door prizes were drawn, one for Members being an excellent 8 inch Saxon Scope won by Barry Adcock and for non members Saxon Binoculars won by Subhadra Chando.
December 11th 2019 - Sky for the Night with Perry, Talks from Kate Meredith President of Geneva Lake Astrophysics and STEAM (, Dr. Stella Kafka Director of the AAVSO (