About the ASV

ASV logoThe ASV is a non-profit society for people interested in Astronomy, attracting and catering for people from a wide range of ages and backgrounds, abilities and interests. First formed in 1922 the society has grown to over one thousand members. Its activities are coordinated by a council of elected Office Bearers, Section Directors, and ordinary Councillors.

The ASV has weekly activities at the ASV Lodge and a Monthly Meeting at the Herbarium near the Melbourne Observatory. The society's library is also located at the Melbourne Observatory and is open during Monthly Meeting times. For over 50 years the ASV has played a major role in the care of buildings and facilities at the Melbourne Observatory.

Our members conduct Astronomy for the People gatherings throughout the year, bringing telescopes and astronomy to Melbourne's parks and schools. Please check the calendar for details if you are interested in attending one of these events.

Our major project is currently the restoration of theĀ Great Melbourne Telescope.

Thanks to a generous donation from one of its most long standing and respected members, the Leon Mow Dark Sky Site, located north of Melbourne, has a pristine night sky for deep sky observing. The ASV has a 25-inch telescope at the Leon Mow Dark Sky Site and a 20-inch telescope at the ASV Lodge.

An annual Yearbook is supplied to members as well as a bimonthly newsletter (CRUX) which all members are welcome to contribute to.

The ASV's logo shows the Southern Cross and Pointer stars. Its Motto is "Sic itur ad astra" which is translated as "this way to the stars".

ASV is governed by a set of rules which should be read before applying for membership. This document may downloaded by clicking here.

Any person or organisation with an interest in astronomy may apply for membership of the Society. Join now


Past Presidents

Year President Year President
1922-25 C.J. Merfield* 1967-68 J.L. Perdrix*
1926 J.D. Michie* 1969 J.B. Trainor*
1927 P.H. Johson* 1970 G.A. Duncan*
1928-33 J. A. Moroney* 1971-72 T.B. Tregaskis*
1934 G. H. Woodhouse* 1973-74 A.E. Coombs
1935-41 J.A. Moroney* 1975 A.L. Le Marquand*
1942-44 J.F. Skjellerup* 1976 T.B. Tregaskis*
1945 J.C. Hewitson* 1977-78 R.J.C. Lawrence*
1946 W.N. Brook* 1979-80 B.S. Adcock
1947 J.G. Evans* 1981-83 D.H. Walker *
1948 L.T. Whitney * 1984-85 B.J. Poppleton*
1949 V.W. Straford* 1986-87 D.W. Orchiston
1950 R.G. Gilmour* 1988-89 K.McK. Harrison
1951 A.W. Walker* 1990-91 J.L. Park
1952 H. Byrt* 1992-93 C.C. Hyde *
1953 J.R. Carroll* 1994-95 S.D. Pattie
1953 J.C. Hewitson* 1996-98 P. Vlahos
1954 W.N. Brook* 1999 T.J. Richards
1955 J.P. Hamilton* 2000 R.B. Davis
1956 E.L. James* 2001-03 P. Vlahos
1957 W.G.H. Tregear* 2004-05 B.J. Cleland
1958 L.R. Whitby* 2006-07 B.S. Adcock
1959 K.W. Murphy 2008-09 P. Vlahos
1960-61 J.L. Perdrix* 2010-11 B.S. Adcock
1962 L.R. Whitby* 2012-14 K. J. Le Marquand
1963 W.G.H. Tregear* 2015-16 C. Rudge
1964-66 F.P. Owen* 2017-18 P. Vlahos

Note: the dates above indicate the calendar year in which the presidents were elected.

Honorary Life Members

Mr B.S. Adcock Mr J. Pollock
Mr K. Beard Dr B.J. Poppleton *
Mr W. Bradfield * Dr A. Prentice
Mr R. Brown Mrs G. Racine
Mr A. Cavill Mr I. Sullivan
Dr B. Clark Mr J.B. Trainor *
Mr A.E. Coombs Mr T. B. Tregaskis *
Mr E. Gainsford Mr D.H. Walker *
Mrs J. Mitchell Mr R. Ward
Mr S.D. Pattie Mr J. White
Mr N. Plever Mr L.T. Whitney *
Mr V. Lo Schiavo Mrs F. Lo Schiavo
Mr P. Vlahos Mr C. Rudge

* Deceased

Eta Carinae by Bratislav Curcic