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The section encourages the safe observation of the Sun. To achieve this the section offers advice and instruction on the construction and use of specialist instruments and equipment for observing the Sun. In addition the section encourages the regular observation of the Sun by photography or drawings. By submitting the observations to the director it is possible to issue warnings to other members and the general public concerning extraordinary solar activity. All observations will be sent to the Solar section of the ALPO and will add to our knowledge of the Sun.

An observation report form can be downloaded here (members only).

The detection and observation of Aurora outbursts is also part of the section responsibilities as these are directly associated with solar activity.

The ASV's Hydrogen Alpha filter and Telescope is available for loan. To obtain more details and a copy of the loan policy please contact Solar Section Director Russell Cockman on

Demo of solar bino use by Rod Brackenridge 2012-04-21

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