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Small Magellanic Cloud being devoured

-=- Posted: Tuesday 28 November 2017 -=-

Australian National University astronomer Professor Naomi McClure-Griffiths and her team have used the ASKAP to image part of the Small Magellanic Cloud.

She said on her Twitter page 'It's particularly incredible to me that this SMC image is a single field-of-view. The last time the SMC was imaged in HI it took 320 pointings with the ATCA'.

From an article in the Sydney Morning Herald 'The Milky Way has to eat galaxies to keep building stars. Our galaxy needs food, and these are kind of snacks'. Professor McClure-Griffiths and her team are interested in how galaxies form, and how they die. The best way to find that out, they say, is to follow the hydrogen. Hydrogen fuels stars and is the basic building block of all galaxies. Inside a galaxy it swirls around until it is compressed by gravity into a new star. A galaxy that has a lot of hydrogen can make new stars and expand in size. The team is studying the Small Magellanic​ Cloud, a dwarf galaxy that orbits the Milky Way. The Cloud has several hundred million stars – a small fry compared to the Milky Way's hundreds of billions.

ASKAP 36 Phased Arrays Complete

-=- Posted: Thursday 23 November 2017 -=-

On Tuesday 21st November, our 36th PAF was installed on AK #29 marking the completion of installation of all receivers for ASKAP-36! Earlier this month, our last PAF (PAF # 40 – our second spare PAF), passed functional and EMI testing signifying the end of the PAF production testing at Marsfield. By the end of the month we will also be shipping the Jodrell Bank PAF to UK to complete our contract with Jodrell Bank Observatory (after having completed our Max Plank Institute contract in 2016). All of these milestones are very significant not just for all of the team members who have worked very hard for a number of years to bring this to fruition, but I am sure also for all of CASS and for its stakeholders awaiting this momentous occasion for some time.

There is no better way to finish off 2017. - Thanks again and Happy 36th!

Article taken from the ATNF Daily Image page.

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