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NASA New Horizons

Coming up on 1 million miles, so here's ANOTHER new image! :-)

— NASA New Horizons (@NASANewHorizons) July 13, 2015

What's happened to NAG?

The New Astronomer's Group (NAG) has been on hold for some time now. The job of ASV President (my 3rd year) has been a very busy one. Once Family and Work commitments are layered on top I finally reached a point where there was not enough spare time to also run the NAG sessions. This group generates a lot of questions and interest that demands one's attention to keep on top of.

At the May AGM I will be handing over the baton of President. After a short break I will be re-starting the NAG classes again in July. I do apologise for the often un-answered requests to join the New Astronomers Group (NAG) over the last year. I now have a backlog of applications to work through in preperation for the July intake. Please expect there to be a waiting list and rather full meetings for a while as we play catch-up. I am looking forward to implementing a few new ideas into NAG on it's return, as well as a return to sharing wonders of night sky observing with newer members of the ASV.

Geminid Meteor Shower Peaks

This annual meteor shower was observed from the ASV’s dark sky site over this last weekend during the Star-Be-Cue. Although it didn’t ‘rain’ meteors, modest rates were observed – personally I observed nine between 11:55pm (Sat.) and 1:15am (Sun.) Some were brighter than the brightest stars, others were just barely visible.

A further report from ASV Section Director, Con Stoitsis, was received regarding his observation of 18 Geminids from Caulfield in suburban Melbourne between 12:30 and 3:30am this Monday morning. The peak is now past and rates are expected to drop markedly from now on.

Perry Vlahos

2015 Yearbook Now Available

The latest version of the ASV Yearbook (2015) is now available for download by members. The hard copy was posted out with the latest Crux. The pdf version can be downloaded from the members download area.

Website Updates

Members can now join and renew online with payment being accepted by PayPal - no need to fill out paper forms any more.

Login to the members area to process your renewal.


ASV Website editor

Astronomy Twitter

Hi All

I'll be posting regularly comet and meteor shower updates on Twitter Please follow me at ConStoitsis@vivstoitsis


Con Stoitsis

Director ASV- Comet Section

Great Melbourne Telescope Restoration Project

A new GMT newsletter has been uploaded to the Phoenix page. You can download a copy here.


A summary presentation has been uploaded with images from the recent VASTROC 2013 event. Members can download the presentation from here.

Total Eclipse 14 November 2012

Image by Phil Hart

A total Eclipse of the Sun was visible in the Cairns / Port Douglas on 14 November 2102. Many ASV members travelled north to experience this rare event.

Visit the ASV Total Eclipse page to see images taken by ASV members.

 Click here to view.


Transit of Venus 2012

Images and videos taken by ASV members can be viewed on our dedicated page.

Click here to view.


Image by Maurice Valimberti 

Andrew Prentice Prediction 9 May 2012

Dr. Andrew Prentice's presentation from his speech at the ASV monthly meeting held on 9 May 2012 has been uploaded to the ASV website. You can download a copy using this link. Refer to page 94 for the details! Audio file

Dr. Prentice's final prediction relates to the Dawn Press Conference (NASA HQ, Washington DC) on Friday 11 May 2012: 4.00 am that will present a new analysis of the giant asteroid Vesta using data from the agency's Dawn spacecraft.

The prediction is as follows:

Chemically-uniform model: MOI (moment-of-inertia factor) = 0.388 +/- 0.004
Differentiated model: MOI = 0.369 +/- 0.004
Good luck Dr. Prentice and thank you for a very enjoyable speech.

21-May-2012 Update

GMT in the News

An interesting article about the Great Melbourne Telescope appeared in The Age recently:

The Age

New ASV Observatory

Thanks to Phil for this timelaspe movie of the new ASV Observatory construction at LMDSS.

LMDSS Observatory Raising from Phil Hart on Vimeo.

Beavis Star Atlas Story

A must read for all ASV members, and includes a great picture of Barry at the State Library of Victoria.  Fully story available online at The Age website.

ASV Comet Section

Hi All

For members interested in all things comet related, please join the ASV Comet section yahoo page

The group caters for all levels of experience.

The group page has a wealth of information, including  finder charts on comets visible in our skies at the moment.

Please call me if you have any questions


Con Stoitsis


ASV-Comet Section  0421 616 547

ASV on Facebook

They said it would never happen - but it has. The ASV is finally on Facebook. Please click on the icon below and join in the discussion,  and don't forget to 'like' us.