How to Join the New Astronomers Group

To join send an e-mail to: Please include your name, suburb, and ASV membership number so I can confirm your details. ASV membership is now online and you will receive confirmation with a membership number in real time. No waiting for mail to be sent and forms to be processed.


NAG is a 12 month course and there is once off $30 fee to join which can be paid for at the Intake meeting. There are four Intakes per year in Feb, May, Aug, and Nov. Full details of the Intake meeting will be sent out 3-4 weeks beforehand. The Intake is a meet, greet, and introduction to observing the night sky. As NAG is an official ASV section you must join or already be a member of the ASV before you start. Membership has many benefits other than joining NAG. Indeed many start discovering new interests they didn't know existed as they learn about the other Sections, plus a calendar full of events, activities, & meetings on offer.


Please don't just turn up to a NAG meeting uninvited. The 12 month course includes a NAG folder and 15-20 pages of notes each month, etc... All of which needs to be purchased and prepared for each member. We use ASV facilities and have guest speakers from the ASV itself. This is why the process of joining NAG needs to be a little different from the other sections.


Hope to see you at NAG one day. All members are welcome to join.