How to Join the New Astronomers Group

Join the mailing list now.

I run a mailing list for anyone interested in attending New Astronomers' Group (NAG) meetings. Typically a few days before each monthly meeting I send out an agenda that includes any NAG news. To get on the list please e-mail your Name along with your ASV membership number to: To get off the list simply reply with "Unsubscribe please" in the text (I don't want to SPAM anyone)  -- I hope to see you at NAG one day.


[ [  Open NAG is coming  ] ]

The New Astronomers' Group is currently in transition from a 12 month course that cost $15 which provided a Course folder with printed material each month. This "old school" model that started in 2001 doesn't work so well anymore and has become cumbersome.

This is soon to be replaced by a *zero cost model that will open up the meetings to any ASV member that wants to attend (like most other sections of the ASV). The 12month course format will stay as the content moves on-line so members can download course and observing notes to their own devices for access before and during the meetings. The NAG sessions are too busy for this to happen yet, but as members finish their own 12months stay at NAG the numbers will drop-off. So watch the latest edition of Crux magazine for an announcement of when "Open NAG" kicks-off.

I am sure this will upset those members who like the tangabile printed word that the formallity of a hard-copy folder brings. Those members are welcome to visit the Stationary store so they can make their own - ahhhh the smell of fresh stationary.