New Astronomers Group FAQ

In response to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) I started this page to answer them.
If you haven't found want you want  in the other pages, then maybe it is here? I will update from time to time.


Q - We have joined ASV as a family. Can we join NAG for a single $30 fee?
A - Yes you can. As the $30 covers the NAG Folder and contents you would be expected to only receive one copy to share.

A few members  do this from time to time. NAG is not out to make a profit and any excess is plowed back into running the course.


Q - In order to join the NAG, do I have to join the ASV?
A - Yes

I do confirm your name, suburb, and membership# against the ASV database before sending out Intake meeting details.


Q - What is the "Open Discussion Night" on the NAG calendar?
A - A night for NAG members to present / share thier own Astronomy stories.

Most meetings are all about the monthly topic with a lot to get through. So this is an opportunity to take a breather, to let the NAG members take over, make it their meeting.

A show and tell night for regular members. This could be a telescope or other equipment to show, photos they have taken, news articles of interest, a presentation on thier pet project, or a short multi-media item to show.

Bribery will get you everywhere so a plate of yummy food is encouraged to make it an Astronomical feast for all as we sit and chat the night through.