New Astronomers Group FAQ

In response to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) I started this page to answer them.
If you haven't found want you want  in the other pages, then maybe it is here? I will update from time to time.


Q - In order to join the NAG do I have to join the ASV?
A - Yes

We use ASV facilities and resources that have been paid for by members. So like all other section meetings NAG is open to ASV members only.
Exceptions can be made for guest speakers and members of of astonomical societies by contacting the section director before the meeting.


Q - I am having trouble learning to use my telescope! Can I bring it along to the NAG meeting?
A - Yes of course.

There are always other new members in the group who will have similar questions as you. You are welcome to bring your scope along to share your experience.
February (telescopes) or May (discussion night) are the best meetings to bring it along. But if you can't wait until then please contact the Section director.


Q - Who is NAG most suitable for?
A - Anyone with an Astronomical interest is most welcome to attend our meetings.

Parents please note: Members 16years and under will be better suited to the Junior section.

Over the years I've had many retired people who finally found time to pursue a long held interest in the night sky joining NAG. But we have had all ages, all personality types, from all backgrounds. NAG is the opposite of an "on-line" Astronomy course as volunteer helpers cannot compete against the resources of an education facility like a University. Instead the monthly NAG meetings are an opportunity to meet and connect with other members (much like yourself) starting out in Astronomy. Hands on & practical are keywords. Prior knowledge of Astronomy is not required. An interest to learn more is essential. Content is aimed at adults of all ages.


Q - What is the "Open Discussion Night" on the NAG calendar?
A - A night for NAG members to present / share thier own Astronomy stories.

Most meetings are all about the monthly topic with a lot to get through. This is a show and share night. Examples of what members could bring are a telescope or other equipment, favourite photos or ones you have taken yourself, news articles, presentation your pet project, share you favourite web-site, give a presentation or share a short multimedia clip.

Bribery will get you everywhere. Please feel free to bring a small plate to share while we sit and chat the night through.