The Diurnals


Contributed by Pat Larkin

The DIURNALS is a friendly group which meets during the daytime on the third Tuesday of the month February - December


To provide an opportunity for meetings during the DAYTIME.

To disseminate knowledge on various facets of astronomy and related fields, together with Space Exploration, in an informal environment.

To foster enjoyment of the subject matter with kindred spirits, and to encourage newer members who may show an interest in a particular area.

There are no pre-requisites and you don't have to be a mathematics or physics genius! Just come with a desire to learn.  Most months, we have a guest speaker, and talks given cover a wide range of astronomical fields and space exploration. Occasionally, a film is shown followed by discussion if desired.   Two or three times a year, we will have an excursion to another facility, e.g., Swinburne University, Melbourne Planetarium or a Science facility.                                       


NEXT MEETING:      TUESDAY  15 th September

TIME:                         10.30 a.m. - 12.15 p.m.

TOPIC:                       "TIME IS AN ILLUSION"

PRESENTER:             Bruno Zielke -  ASV 

TIME - that elusive entity;  we can never get enough of it and nothing occupies us more.  We can be obsessed with eternity - an existence without a beginning or end, to timing an event to a miniscule fraction of a second!  Can time be reversed, or does it flow in one direction only - as per the second law of thermo-dynamics?  Can we build a time machine?  Time is not a fundamental entity and does not exist in itself, rather it emerges and perhaps imagination gives rise to its perception, as the past leaves us with memories.  The present is an instant and the future is less than a blink away.   Does Time relate more to the psyche rather than the physical?  Is Time an illusion?  


Bruno who has an interest in particle physics and is an active member of the 'Cosmology & Astrophysics" Section, has presented to Diurnals on many occasions:

2014     -     "Seconds of the Big Bang"

2015     -    "Formation of Black Holes"

2017     -    "Dark Energy and Why There is Something Rather Than Nothing"

2018     -    "Modern Theories of How the Universe Began"

2019     -    "A Celebration of Albert Einstein"    (in conjunction with Ross Berner and George Barratt -  ASV)

2019    -     "The Life of Stars"


Bruno's presentations are always pitched well to Diurnals, and result in some interesting questions and discussion.l 

                           (Please note that there is no obligation to discuss - just be enlightened by this fascinating topic.)



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  Hope many members can 'zoom' in on the 15th September.                                                


In the meantime, please all keep safe and well during this difficult time and hope you enjoy the meeting by 'ZOOM' . 

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