Deep Sky Section

November 18th Section Meeting

Hi all Deep Sky Section Members,

I don’t know where the year went with this weekend being the last Deep Sky Section meeting for 2017. We’ve only got the Christmas Star-Be-Cue after that. So, come and join us for a great night of food, drinks and viewing.

If you can, bring something to share and we will have a bit of a break up party, but if you’re a regular to deep sky, you’ll know every section meeting is a bit of a party with plenty of food.

If you’ve never been to a deep sky section meeting, this is the perfect opportunity for you to join us for a great social night!

As always,  I will have a list of objects to observe and I’m open to any suggestions for the night. (Blake, Sadie, not the jewelbox! Haha)

Looking forward to a great night.

Until then clear and dark skies to all,


As the director of the Deep Sky Section I invite anyone who is interested in deep sky object observing to join us at the society's LMDSS in Heathcote, with the view of getting a regular group together to meet on a monthly basis.  If you have a telescope, bring it with you and if you don't there will be scopes to view through plus the society's 25-inch Obsession will be in operation.   If you are interested in being part of the group please let me know by emailing me, Paul Gardiner, at or call 0439 374 159, I would also be interested in hearing any suggestions as to what you would like to get out of being a participant in the group. i.e. completing the Messier 100, sketching / recording what I see or how to star hop to a faint fuzzy.

In the Deep Sky section, we are interested in observing objects which can only be seen in all their splendour when the skies are dark, the seeing is stable and transparency is clear.  These objects include a multitude of different shapes and sizes of galaxies, open and globular clusters, planetary nebulae, emission nebulae, reflection nebulae and dark nebulae to name a few.  

In this section, we aim to provide novice deep sky observers with the ability to learn from experienced observers about how to locate and observe these objects, which eyepieces and filters work best and the resources to get the most out of your observing experience.  For the seasoned observer, the Deep Sky section provides an arena to get together, share information and experiences and imparting knowledge to Astronomers new to the field, but most importantly having a great time doing the thing we love the most, driving our telescopes to their limits. 

Next Meeting:     18th November 2017

Location:             LMDSS site, Heathcote

Time:                    6.00pm

What to bring:     Telescope and equipment (not essential, if you don't own one), 

                              Camping chair and equipment, sleeping gear (if you are staying at the site) and a red torch (no white light) and lastly, warm clothing                               

Don't forget to obtain the gate/clubroom codes for access.

Some of our DSS members