Astronomy for the People

Astronomy for the People is an ASV service providing telescopes for schools and public demonstrations.

Astronomy for the People has the objective of presenting astronomy to the wider community.

This is achieved by:

  • Viewing sessions through telescopes provided by members of the Astronomical Society of Victoria
  • Public presentation and lectures.

Public viewing events can be provided in many formats:

  • For schools and small community groups (ie Scouts etc): these are typically run by the organising group and ASV attends, for a nominal fee.
  • Events run by ASV on behalf of a client: these are run under a corporate sponsorship scheme.
  • Events run by ASV as a fund raising venture.

Unless otherwise requested, the evening runs as follows:

  • Sky maps are distributed to the organiser (school etc) who is then responsible for distribution to all participants
  • Introduction to the sky for the month with identification of major stars, star groups, constellations, planets and other noteworthy features.
  • Viewing session of approximately 2 hours of astronomical objects through telescopes provided by ASV members, under their supervision.

Further information on the Astronomy for the People program can be obtained by contacting the coordinator - Ian Somerville.

For any future events or information on the Astronomical Society of Victoria, please contact ASV Public Relations Linda Mockridge on (03) 9888 7130.