Current Phenomena

As the Earth orbits around our Sun we see the other Planets in the sky in different places at different times of the year.

In the early mornings around the 22nd of January we see two of the brightest Planets close together in the pre-dawn sky. Jupiter and Venus pass each other below the vast constellation of Scorpio with its red heart of Antares.

The view of Jupiter and Venus close together through binoculars is certainly a sight worth getting up early for.

Looking from Melbourne to the East on Tuesday morning, rising at 3:02 am Jupiter is the first to appear quickly followed at 3:09 am by Venus. Having already risen an hour earlier the familiar head and tail of Scorpio looks down upon these two brightest of our planetary family.

If you want to explore the heavens from the comfort of your computer you can install the free and open-source Planetarium program Stellarium which I have used to get the image above.

Rob Arrowsmith.
ASV Website Editor.
January 20, 2019

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